Adeshola is a multi-media artist based in Grand Rapids, Michigan that is constantly evolving at the age of 28 (as of Spring of 2019). He was raised in the Chicagoland suburbs. He got his start in photography taking photos at parties, concerts, fashion shows and other cultural events. He eventually found himself hustling to concerts around the country to photograph some of the most famous performers in music, both onstage and off. We’re talking about artists like D’Angelo, Lil Wayne, Travis Scott and Common to name a few.

Some young photographers would call that a major success, and just keep doing that. But eventually Adeshola found himself longing to say much more with his work than just documenting live events…so, he started a small street wear label that began to experiment with social justice messages. And now today, he finds himself working in collage…sourcing and cutting out images and words from vintage magazines like Jet, Ebony Magazine and The Black Panther Party Newsletter. He then creates new collages and commentaries that tackle social issues that affect marginalized people.

If you’re never satisfied with your journey as an artist, this episode is for you.

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