Adrian “AB” Butler is a DJ, streetwear designer, rapper and music producer based in West Michigan. He’s successfully merged all of these diverse natural talents into a business enterprise that continues to grow and evolve year after year.

So what keeps a multi-faceted guy like AB up at night? Turns out I’m really glad I asked him during this episode…because it’s a mix of a lot of different stuff. Sometimes it’s the constant fountain of ideas running through his head, or the pressures of running a business, and at times it’s the adjustment to recently becoming a “sit-com dad” with three children of very diverse ages.

AB’s legendary DJ sets are a cool mix of timeless classics, underground bangers, and everyone’s favorite songs that can often turn the stiffest corporate parties into a late night rager. He seamlessly blends the new and the old, criss-crossing genres and tapping into a deep understanding of what gets people up out of their seats and onto the dance floor.

But the heart of this episode is his love of Grand Rapids and his desire to continue to grow outside of the region…something that is both a huge challenge and frustrating at times. Every entrepreneur can relate to different facets of AB’s journey, and I know you’ll find new ways to relate to this conversation.

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