Ansley, at the age of 19, is already a supermodel and a Top 50 Fashion Model in the world. And you might ask...ok, Brian...so what does Top 50 even mean? Well, it’s actually a business metric that measures the total number of magazine pages she’s in, plus advertising campaigns and global runway shows. But what it really means is that Ansley has become a really big business since she moved to New York City just 3 years ago at 16.

Ansley’s been on the covers of Vogue, Número and also featured in many, many magazine spreads across the globe. More importantly, Ansley has recently been the face of major advertising campaigns by famed fashion houses Jil Sander, Givenchy and Versace, just to name a few.

Ansley’s very candid in our interview about the pressures of running a successful business...because her body and face is literally the entire business. She’s set big goals for herself in an industry that is notorious for grinding up young talent and spitting them out. But I guarantee after listening to this conversation you’ll understand why I think the only limitations she’s ever going to face are the ones she puts on herself. She’s smart and she’s surrounded herself with family and good business people so she can achieve her dreams. 

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