Faith Kelly

Faith Kelly has been a bright light in countless people’s lives after launching herself into the world with a splash of drama. She had suffered a brain hemorrhage inside the womb and required emergency surgeries to save her life just a week or so after being born.

Very little has kept her spirits down ever since. Faith is constantly working to improve many of the lifelong physical and cerebral ramifications from those touch-and-go first few weeks in the hospital.

Faith Kelly is now a fourteen year-old eight grader. Faith is also my daughter. She loves “hanging out” with her friends and cousins, cooking, playing UNO and going to the movies. After this podcast started earlier this year, Faith began asking me if she could be a guest. This caught me off guard. I really thought it was just a passing impulse and she would forget about it after a few weeks and then never bring it up again. But month after month Faith would ask, “Dad, when can I come on your podcast?”

Well, that time is now. Our only agreement was that she would have to do a portrait session before we sat down for the podcast just like every other guest…I mean, it IS the premise of the entire podcast. I’ve mixed portraits in the gallery below from our podcast shoot but also from a favorite session of mine from about a year ago.

Admittedly, this isn’t a typical Full Exposure Podcast episode, but I’m proud of our conversation and am glad Faith agreed to put it out into the world and see what happens.

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