Joel Potrykus

Since 2012, Joel Potrykus has arguably become one of the most successful and unusual independent film directors to ever emerge out of Michigan and land on the global cinema stage.

Despite all of his success, Joel says he “doesn’t enjoy the process of making a movie.” Doesn’t that seem like a weird thing for a film director to say? Maybe…but not after you listen to this episode. Joel and I take a deep dive into his filmmaking and writing process, why he makes films in Grand Rapids when he doesn’t have to, why he thinks of his tight-knit and frequent film collaborators as more of a band than a production company, as well as the many reasons he loves casting the incredibly talented Joshua Burge as the lead actor in many of his films.

Joel’s previous films Ape, Buzzard and The Alchemist Cookbook all established him as a genius writer & director of odd, offbeat and campy films. The tone and style of his films caught the attention of, and quickly forged a business and creative relationship with famed independent film studio, Oscilloscope Laboratories, which was founded by the late Adam Yauch of Beastie Boys fame.

But it’s his latest film, Relaxer, that is kicking everything up a few more notches for Joel Potrykus.

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