Kent Dobson

Kent Dobson was the leader and pastor of one of the best known mega-churches in the country. He had a good salary and the notoriety enjoyed by most pastors that hold that position. But his own hangups with religion and the struggle to find what he truly believed led him to leave Mars Hill in a move that shocked many people. And then just a month after making that monumental decision, his father Ed Dobson, who was a famous pastor, died after a 15 year battle with ALS. This 1-2 gut punch propelled Kent even deeper into the abyss of finding his true self.

Thankfully for us, Kent hasn’t found it yet. And he’s candidly sharing his journey full of frustrations, doubts, truths and personal struggles via his podcast as well as in his latest book, “Bitten by a Camel: Leaving Church, Finding God”

In a long and winding conversation, Kent and I discuss the death of his father, how he became a pastor in part to please his dad, certainty and doubt, death of ego and the soul, wishing things were easier to understand, the thirst for ultimate meaning, coin slot Christianity and ultimately how Kent feels grateful for his own hangups with religion.

Kent is currently the lead teacher at C3 West Michigan’s Inclusive Spiritual Community in Grand Haven, MI. Kent also leads retreats and wilderness programs designed to cultivate human wholeness and pursue the perennial questions of the soul, as well as guides pilgrimage adventures to Israel and speaks and lectures. Kent lives in Ada, Michigan, with his wife and three children.

Kent’s Website: www.kentdobson.com

Kent’s Book: “Bitten by a Camel: Leaving Church, Finding God”

Kent’s Podcast: HINTS & GUESSES

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