Michelle McKormick

Without any hint of hyperbole, I can say that Michelle McKormick is a Michigan morning radio legend. She started her career when she was only 19 years old way back in the 80’s. Michelle’s been a trailblazer in an industry that is still often deeply misogynistic and a boys club to say the least. 

Michelle admits she’s part “cheeseball” but has always been deadly serious about her career. Over time, she learned to call her own shots and to fight gender pay disparity wherever she can. Her long career has depended on people liking her on air…and the audiences have always embraced her. As a result, she has both thrived and survived in an extremely tough business. Today, Michelle loves to mentor women at any stage in their broadcasting careers and is deeply committed to the West Michigan community.

In this episode, we unpack a lot of great celebrity stories about David Lee Roth, Barbara Streisand, and I also share one about Whoopi Goldberg. We also spill some dirt on her current radio partner Tony Gates on 96.9 WLAV. Ultimately, this conversation highlights many of the pillars of her success that we can all learn from.

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